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Final Fantasy Type-0 Online beta kicks off this month

Who else completely forgot this was a thing?


Final Fantasy Type-0 Online beta kicks off this month

Have you ever wanted to play Final Fantasy Type-0 again, but in some sort of ongoing form instead of a one-off content drop? Good news! Final Fantasy Type-0 Online will presumably allow you to do that.

The PC and smartphone title is going into beta in China this month, according to Gematsu, and Square Enix plans to bring it to Europe, Japan and North America sometime later.

Final Fantasy Type-0 Online is a sort of successor to Final Fantasy Agito, which was a smartphone spin-off of Final Fantasy Type-0, but closed last year. Making all this much more confusing, Type-0 was itself originally known as Final Fantasy Agito 13, back when Final Fantasy 13 wasn't going to have sequels and Final Fantasy 15 was instead a companion title in the FF13 universe. You need a bloody flowchart to figure out what happened to this franchise over the past console generation, I swear.

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