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Fear the Wolves has released and you can play it free this week

Fear the Wolves has released out of Early Access on Steam, and it's free to play for the rest of the week.

Fear the Wolves, the battle royale game from Vostok Games, has finally left early access today and ready for prime time.

Today’s version 1.0 update introduces new additions to the game in the form of the Artifacts. These are "powerful, mysterious objects" that provide you with new powers.

The update also adds the Wolf Matriarch and Anomalous Lockdowns. Both have an attached artifact, the Wolf Heart and the Spore. These change gameplay significantly when picked up, letting you control wolves or see enemies through walls.

Grabbing on for yourself will be a bit of a challenge: you will have to take down the deadly Matriarch or venture into the ultra-radioactive zone of the Lockdown.

On top of the release news, Fear the Wolves will be free on Steam for the next five days. It will also be available for 50% off during that time, so if you like what you play, grab it while on sale.

The free week and 50% discount week ends on February 12.

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