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Watch 20 minutes of fresh Far Cry New Dawn gameplay

Far Cry New Dawn is almost upon us. So how better to re-acquaint yourself with the plains of Hope County, Montana than by watching 20 minutes of new gameplay from Arekkz.

If you’re very bothered about spoilers for Far Cry 5, then the premise of New Dawn spoils the canon ending - be warned.

In the gameplay video, we get to see the game’s opening section just as it’ll play out when Far Cry New Dawn releases on February 15 - including the opening movie and bombastic starting quests:

Ubisoft has also released a launch gameplay trailer, which sets the scene, shows off some of the game’s more explosive elements as well as a few furry friends, all the while hinting at a few new and returning characters.

Far Cry New Dawn is the canonical sequel to the “true” ending of Far Cry 5, where rising tensions in the outside world - which you were to busy wrangling an obsessive doomsday cult to pay enough attention to - led to all-out thermonuclear war.

In the ashes of society, new communities formed. Some were benevolent, helping survivors to rebuild and become self-sufficient. Others aren’t as nice - like the Highwaymen, a marauding gang of merciless thugs led by twin antagonists Mickey and Lou. Far Cry has always been a game series that’s hung on the strength of its villains, so it’ll be interesting to see how the sisters stack up.

We played Far Cry New Dawn at a preview event, and thought that although there wasn’t a lot to separate it as a whole package from Far Cry 5, it does offer a fun reimagining of an interesting setting, a glimpse into post-apocalyptic society with its Expeditions, more replayability in its challenges, and a stronger focus on the core shooting mechanics in its gameplay.

Far Cry New Dawn is available on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 from Friday February 15.

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