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Far Cry 4: watch 10 minutes of the highest quality gameplay footage

We go stealth, ride an elephant tossing grenades and then bring death from above in Ubisoft's Himalayamayhem-em-up.

far-cry-4-e3 (3)

We like what we've seen of Far Cry 4 so far, so much so I lost a little bit of my mind riding an elephant and causing mayhem.

We were lucky enough to capture direct video of gameplay footage at E3, with video editor Sam Clay at first attempting to capture an outpost using the stealth approach, before going buckwild on an elephant and then trying to pilot what is essentially a scooter with rotorblades (whilst wielding a grenade launcher).

He also highlights new features for Far Cry 4, including the more advanced patrol routes of guards, using bait to lure animals and cutting the brakes on vehicles. Check it out below:

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