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Fancy solving crime with a grumpy Pikachu? Detective Pikachu Returns this October

The legendary detective duo returns.

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Announced at today’s Nintendo Direct (June 21), Detective Pikachu Returns will arrive on the Nintendo Switch on October 6.

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Before the movie in 2019, Detective Pikachu, was a game of the same name for the 3DS in 2018. Detective Pikachu followed Tim Goodman, who finds Pikachu and realises he can understand what the Electric-type mouse is saying. As a result, the pair's adventures solving crime together begins, and Pikachu doesn’t shut up throughout.

Now, five years since the game's full release in 2018, keen fans of the grumpy yet adorable detective will be able to go on an all-new adventure in Detective Pikachu Returns.

The trailer shown off during the Nintendo Direct didn’t give us much of a glimpse at gameplay, or even what the story behind this sequel may be. That said, when the sequel was first announced not long after the release of the Detective Pikachu movie, it was revealed that the sequel would ‘follow the same story beats as the movie’ while coming to a different resolution (thanks, ScreenRant). So, we can expect to see the movie of the 2019 story retold!

Pikachu will be voiced by Will Arnett (Arrested Development, Bojack Horseman, and more) in Detective Pikachu Returns, which feels pretty apt. He’s grumpy, sounds like he’d probably smoke if it was PG friendly, and he loves coffee. Joining Pikachu and Tim Goodman will be plenty of other fan favourite Pokémon, including but not limited to Mewtwo, Slowpoke, Inteleon, Scorbunny, Indeedee, and so many more.

Detective Pikachu Returns will arrive on Nintendo Switch on October 6. Will you be picking it up? Let us know!

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