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Fallout 76 player discovers a combo of perks and mutations that will let you fly

Sick of walking around at ground level with the denizens of the Wasteland? Now you can soar over the map with this perk/ mutation combo.

YouTuber TYR has discovered the magic combo of Fallout 76 perks and mutations that will let you achieve flight in the game, so long as you have a few buddies to help you out.

TYR explains that this will work for high-level players, and you'll need to have the mutations Bird Bones, and Marsupial. Bird Bones makes falling from heights slower, while Marsupial improves jump height.

This is paired with the perk card Strange in Numbers which increases positive mutation effects by 25% if teammates are mutated too.

"If everyone on your team shares that perk card, that just keeps on boosting up and up and up, and you fall even slower and jump even higher," he explains, resulting in the flying about you can observe in the video below.

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TYR says that you'll need at least two other players for this to work, with everyone using the Strange in Numbers perk.

He found the mutations in Cranberry Bog at Drop Site C2. He also covers how to get all of the mutations as quickly as possible - basically sitting in the toxic water until you die, load in and repeat until you get a mutation, then server hop and repeat.

TYR advises having the Class Freak perk to negate the negative effects of the mutations, coupled with Strange in Numbers again.

So give that a whirl and let us know how you get on.

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