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Fallout 4: Far Harbor - How to Get Atom’s Judgement

Obtain the Atom’s Judgement melee weapon.

This guide will help players obtain the Atom’s Judgement weapon in Fallout 4. This unique super sledge weapon is available as a part of the new Far Harbor DLC. Follow our steps to obtain this melee weapon and begin hammering enemies with radiation damage.

The Atom’s Judgement super sledge weapon is available through the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC, and is related to the Children of Atom faction. Atom’s Judgement has a +100 Radiation Damage attribute, making this one of the best melee weapons available in the game.

To begin the Far Harbor DLC, you must first complete Fallout 4: Getting a Clue to have the correct characters available. When you have the DLC installed, bring up your Pip-boy and begin tracking a quest titled Far From Home. Tune into the radio frequency for Valentine’s Detective Agency, then head to the detective office in Diamond City and speak with Ellie about a missing person. Complete the quest to travel to Far Harbor.

Atom’s Judgement is available during a side quest called The Heretic. To obtain this side quest, you must play through the Best Left Forgotten quest in the Far Harbor DLC. When you reach the Nucleus complex, present yourself as an initiate to obtain the Visions in the Fog quest.

Complete Visions in the Fog to gain entry to the Nucleus and obtain the What Atom Requires optional questline. Speak to Grand Zealot Richter after pursuing several objectives in the quest. You will eventually receive The Heretic side quest and become allied with the Children of Atom.

Proceed through The Heretic side quest to reach Gwyneth, and decide how you’d like to handle the situation. You will still be able to obtain the weapon regardless of your choice. Return to Richter afterward to turn in the quest. Upon speaking to Richter and completing the quest, he will reward you with the Atom’s Judgement super sledge weapon.

Atom’s Judgement consists of radiation cores that can be seen glowing at the end of the hammerhead, contributing to its radiation damage. This melee weapon is a modified sledge hammer that has a slow swing speed and decent base Rad damage. However, it’s the additional +100 Radiation Damage attribute that really makes this weapon shine. You should be able to take down most non rad-resistant enemies with just a couple powerful swings or a well timed VAT attack. Level up your Strength perk attribute to wield this weapon effectively.

There are only a couple of mods available for Atom’s Judgement. If you have Blacksmith Rank 2, add a Heating Coil to increase the weapon’s energy damage. If you’re willing to forego some energy damage for additional Electrical damage and stun potential, you can add on a Stun Pack mod instead. However, keep in mind this will require Blacksmith Rank 3 and Science Rank 1.

The Far Harbor DLC brought a variety of new weapons and armor sets to Fallout 4, along with new quests and collectibles. Head over to our guide on all Islander’s Almanac locations to find each of these new magazines added with Far Harbor.

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