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Fallout 4: Far Harbor - Hidden Loot Room Location

Find hidden loot south of Far Harbor.

This guide will show players how to find a hidden loot room within the Far Harbor DLC. This room is found during an unmarked quest, and contains various rare materials including aluminum, asbestos, and fiber optics. Follow our steps to find this hidden loot stash and gather its rare and valuable resources.

In order to find this loot room, you must first progress through the Fallout 4 Far Harbor DLC and travel to Far Harbor. Play through the main story quest until you reach Diamond City. Tune into the Valentine’s Detective Agency Radio frequency in your Pip-boy, then head over to the detective’s office to speak with Ellie. Continue through the quest to reach Far Harbor.

Travel to Cranberry Island Docks

To find the loot room, the next place you’ll need to travel to is Cranberry Island Docks, located south of Far Harbor. Bring up your Pip-boy and look for a small island on the southernmost section of the map, slightly to the southeast. Make your way to the docks, or fast travel there if you have visited this area already.

Once you are at Cranberry Island Docks, look for shack with a hanging net ahead of the dock. Fight off the glowing wolves that patrol the area outside. Enter the shack and go upstairs. Search the shelf for a map called Eliza Map of Home. The map marks the locations of various generators that you need to repair. Take the map, and head back outside.

Repair the Circuit Breakers

Go downhill to the right, toward another building across the haze. Watch out for more glowing wolves as you approach the ramp. Walk up the ramp to the left and repair the Circuit Board. Head back down the ramp and walk to the end of the platform to activate the Circuit Breaker by pulling the lever. You will repeat these steps to activate several more generators throughout the area.

To find the next generator, simply follow the power lines strung across the sky from the first generator. These wires connect to a series of poles that will lead you to the next generator. When you reach the bridge, jump over the left side to reach the generator down below. Repair the Circuit Board, and flip the switch to activate the Circuit Breaker. Be sure to take the note nearby before you leave.

Continue to follow the series of power lines along the road to reach the next generator. Watch out for the large Yao Guai that patrols the upper platform. After defeating the bear, walk over to the broken pipes on the yellow column. Repair the Pipe, then activate the Circuit Breaker.

Now that you’ve activated the last generator, continue forward toward the broken house and follow the dirt path. Head southeast across the bog to reach a small industrial building. Hop over the far railing, and walk beneath the underside of the structure to find a door lined with red lights. You need to have turned on all the previous generators for the door to open.

Get the Cranberry Island Shed Key

As you open the door, three toxic Ghouls will immediately attack you. They each have a name, and you can learn about their story in the notes you’ve been picking up along the way. Defeat the radiated Ghouls, then enter the room to loot its contents. Be sure to loot the green Footlocker on the shelf and take the Cranberry Island Shed Key inside. The shed is the secret loot room, and you’ll need the key to open it.

Travel further southeast to reach the Cranberry Island Supply Shed. It will look like a worn red shack near the shore. Use the Shed Key you took from the footlocker to open the door. Inside, you’ll find shelves full of rare crafting resources, as well as a red steamer trunk with ammo and weapons.

Now that you have found the hidden loot stash, you should obtain the Marine Combat Armor in Fallout 4: Far Harbor to traverse the Commonwealth in style.

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