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Fallout 4: Blind Betrayal Quest - Persuade Elder Maxson

Make a decision regarding a fellow Brotherhood member.

This guide will help you complete the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Blind Betrayal in Fallout 4. Due to the nature of this quest, this guide will contain some minor spoilers regarding some members of the Brotherhood of Steel. We suggest you make a save before completing this quest, in case you do not receive the desired outcome the first time.

Should you need additional assistance with anything else regarding Fallout 4, be sure to head on over to our Fallout 4 guides walkthrough hub, containing other complete quest walkthroughs, as well as the locations of rare items scattered throughout the Commonwealth.

Warning: It may be best to complete this quest first so that nothing from this guide spoils the experience for you. Create a save file prior to starting this quest and return to this guide if you want to achieve a different outcome.

How to Complete Blind Betrayal Quest

Speak to Elder Maxson

You have received word that Elder Maxson wants to speak with you immediately regarding an urgent matter. Travel to the Prydwen to report to Elder Maxson. Speak with him to receive the shocking news and a new set of orders.

Speak to Proctor Quinlan

Paladin Danse has gone missing, and you have been ordered to track him down as soon as possible. Locate Proctor Quinlan in his office on the main deck of the Prydwen, and speak with him about your orders to discuss how to proceed.

Follow and Speak to Scribe Haylen

An understandably upset Scribe Haylen will interrupt your conversation with Proctor Quinlan, stating that she has new information regarding Danse. Follow Scribe Haylen to the flight deck to find out what she knows about Danse’s whereabouts.

When the two of you arrive at the flight deck, you’ll have the chance to privately speak with Scribe Haylen about Paladin Danse’s situation. Hear out her plea, and she will inform you of an outpost where Danse may be located.

Travel to Listening Post Bravo

Scribe Haylen tells you of a listening post that was meant to act as a new safehouse in the event that the Cambridge Police Station was ever compromised. There’s a good chance that Danse is hiding out at this location. Travel to Listening Post Bravo in the northeast section of the map, near Greentop Nursery.

Locate Paladin Danse

As you approach Listening Post Bravo, beware of the Machine Gun Turret guarding the entrance. Enter the outpost, and use the terminal to power the elevator. Ride the elevator to the lower level of the listening post, and watch out for a Protectron as you step off the lift.

Eliminate the Protectron, and destroy the other defensive turret on the opposite side of the room. Paladin Danse can be seen through a window to a room on the far side. Walk through the hole in the wall to the right of the window to reach Danse’s room.

Speak to Paladin Danse AND/OR Execute Paladin Danse

There are several options you can take as you approach Paladin Danse. One option is to kill him on the spot without talking to him, although this is not necessarily the most satisfying choice. Instead, you can speak with him about his messy situation.

The dialogue offers a few chances to persuade Danse. You can choose to be persistent and refuse to eliminate Danse. If your Charisma rating is high enough, you can attempt to persuade Danse with friendly dialogue. If your persuasion succeeds, then Danse will agree to hand over his holotags willingly. Otherwise, Danse will give you a precise order that you must oblige to receive his holotags instead.

Leave Listening Post Bravo, Retrieve Paladin Danse’s Holotags

You will walk away with Danse’s holotags regardless of how you dealt with Danse during your conversation, either by being given them, or by taking them from Danse’s body. After speaking with Danse, ride the elevator back to the top level to exit the listening post. If you were able to keep Danse alive, then he will head to the top floor with you.

As you are leaving the listening post, you are greeted by a very upset Elder Maxson, who has some harsh words for the two of you if Danse is still by your side. After the heated dialogue exchange, you have several options for handling the situation:

  • Agree with Maxson, and eliminate Paladin Danse yourself
  • Agree with Maxson, and allow him to execute Danse
  • Disagree with Maxson, and persuade him to let Danse live

If you were able to convince Maxson to let Danse live, then you can either tell Danse to remain at the listening post, or ask him to join you as a Companion.

Return to the Prydwen, Speak to Elder Maxson

After all is said and done, you must return to the Prydwen to speak with Maxson. He will promote you to the rank of Paladin, and offer you a new, familiar suit of Power Armor. When you are dismissed for your next assignment, the quest concludes.

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