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Fallout 3 ban lift in Germany leads to speculation of possible HD re-release

An "uncensored" Fallout 3 will soon be made available in Germany after a seven-year ban in the country. This has led many to believe it's Bethesda's way of prepping for an HD re-release.


The game was banned in the country in 2009 for violent content before a censored version was offered (thank you Bluedanger922). It was banned from sale the previous year in Australia over drug references.

According to IGN Germany, Bethesda appealed to the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Minors (BPjM) in order for the uncensored game to be de-listed before the ten-year statutory sentence expired.

"In the case of Fallout 3 the request for de-listing was granted even though only seven years passed since the game was banned," the BPjM said in a statement. "The Big Council decided at its meeting on February 4 that Fallout 3 will be removed from the list because its content is no longer classified as harmful to minors from today's perspective."

This is apparently a rather difficult and expensive process and appeals are "rarely-successful" due to 12 groups of German organizations involved the decision making process.

Bethesda told the site it would release a statement on the de-listing "in a couple of week," which has led many to speculate the company plans to release an HD version of Fallout 3.

The game is already backward compatible through Xbox One.

Thanks, IGN.

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