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We're finally given a new look at Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the latest from The Chinese Room, has a new trailer available after radio silence on the project since the first part of the year.

Rapture is set in the remote Yaughton Valley in June 1984 and is a story about people and how they live with each other after the end of the world.

Inspired by the fiction of John Wyndham, J. G. Ballard, John Christopher and other authors who deal with "ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances," the game takes place in a "living, breathing world" where the Rapture is more than a backdrop.

"It’s a character in its own right. It’s great working with PS4 as its processing power makes a game like this possible for a team our size, Said co-director Jessica Curry.

"The game is all about discovery. It’s open-world so you have the freedom to explore wherever you like, visiting areas in an order you define, and the story is written to allow this whilst making sure every player has a strong dramatic experience. It’s a type of storytelling that is completely unique to games.

"The choices you make as a player have a direct impact on how you understand the story – the more you explore and interact, the deeper you are drawn into Rapture’s world."

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture is currently in development for PS4 and still without a release date.

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