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Even BioWare struggles with Mass Effect 3's new multiplayer difficulty

This week's free Mass Effect 3 multiplayer expansion, Earth, adds in a new tier of difficulty so hardcore even its creators have a tough time beating it.

"Platinum is so hard that only a handful of people at the office itself have ever beat it," BioWare's Mike Gamble told Gamespot at San Diego Comic Con.

"We know that the players have been getting better and better since we launched."

Platinum will even mix banshees with phantoms, which sounds like a nightmare I had once and when I woke up my N7 rank had dropped by eight out of terror.

Gamble said the new content's focus is on tight, intense maps and agile classes.

"You'll notice that the Adept and Infiltrator classes are all over the place. The rolling and the diving and whatnot is very, very quick compared to some of the other classes. There's also a teleport option for some of the classes," he said.

The DLC adds three new maps, three new weapons, and six new N7 classes - details here. It arrives on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on July 17, except for European PS3 players, who have to wait till July 18. Watch the stage demo below for a good look at the new content.

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