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Evangelion game in the works at Grasshopper

Drop everything, it is time to blow minds. Grasshopper Manufacture is making an Evangelion rhythm game.

Andriasang reports the studio best known for Killer7, No More Heroes and lately Shadows of the Damned is working on a new PSP title based on Gainax's legendary anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

In a rhythm game, music is obviously important, so how do you like a soundtrack by Akira Yamaoka, the famed Silent Hill composer? Awesome.

There'll be 30 tracks, remixes of Evangelion songs, remixed by Yamaoka and blended with appropriate visuals.

Rebuild of Evangelion Sound Impact, as it is known, is due at the end of September, and will also release as two special editions, one sporting the soundtrack, and another with a T-shirt and headphones.

Is it likely to surface outside Japan? Extremely unlikely. Will a packet of us fly across just to pick it up? Much more probable.

This is the kind of thing I only get to write about once a century, when the conjunction of the planets causes the gaming gods to shower utterly mental joy and delight upon us. Amazing. Insane.

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