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Europa Universalis 4 offers a chance to appear in the credits

Paradox Interactive is running one of those social media campaigns where recruiting your friends unlocks bonuses - but this one is quite unusual, as it could get your name in Europe Universalis end credits.

Recruiting friends to the Call to Arms campaign unlocks rewards like bonus DLC, a developer's strategy Guide, Compendium Universalis, The Art of War and The Prince in eBook form and a copy of Europa Universalis III Chronicles.

If you reach the World Conqueror tier, you'll score exclusive beta access to Europa Universalis IV, a mention in the game credits, and even a trip to Stockholm to play multiplayer with the developers. What! Yes please.

“Over the years, you have all helped us build one of the most dedicated game communities available. We wouldn’t have come this far if not for the loyalty of our strategy fans everywhere, and we want you to know that,” project lead Thomas Johansson said.

“As we prepare to launch our empire-building game Europa Universalis IV, we want to bring even more strategy fans into our community. We want you all to experience the drama that only the grand stage of history can provide. So if you want to support Europa Universalis IV, please spread the word and invite your friends – if you believe that they long to conquer the world. Strategy Gamers of the World – this is our Call to Arms.”

Head on over to the the grand strategy's sign-up page to join in. We expect the PC exclusive Europa Universalis 4 in the third quarter.

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