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Search for El Dorado in the next Europa Universalis 4 expansion

Relive the quest to find El Dorado when you download the next expansion for Europa Universalis 4.

Playing as the Aztecs, you will need to "subject the Mexican plain to your rule" but make sure you have enough vassal kings to sacrifice or the gods will get very angry with you.

As the European faction, you will need trek the Amazon jungle in order to lay rumors of the lost city of gold - El Dorado - to rest. The Pope will also use his hand to divide the New World among the "squabbling empires."

On top of the new area to explore, the expansion comes with the Nation Designer, which is a tool allowing you to customize your starting nation in a campaign as well as your starting capital.

You can choose your "neighboring provinces, modify your starting culture and leader and then lead this new nation to new and original heights of glory."

Here's a list of features:

  • A deep Nation Designer gives you new starting options for your games, including national ideas and custom monarchs.
  • Experience the new Nahuatl, Inti and Mayan religions with blood sacrifices or Sun Worship.
  • Send your conquistadors to hunt for the Seven Cities of Gold, or your explorer on exploration missions around the world.
  • old Fleets can traffic New World wealth back to Europe, and be targeted by your privateer fleets
  • Use your trade fleets to hunt dangerous pirates.
  • Maintain good relations with the Pope so you can get a corner of the world to call your own in the Treaty of Tordesillas.

Europa Universalis 4: El Dorado will be available on Linux, Mac and PC next month.

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