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EU PS store update, May 26 - FFIX, Sam and Max, PixelJunk Shooter


Look, it's Final Fantasy IX! And it's on the PS Store soon after its release on the Japanese storefront. Can we faint now?

The PS1 RPG is available to buy for £7.99.

Meanwhile, the second episode of Sam & Max Season 3, The Devil's Playhouse, is now also available to play if you pre-ordered it. If you're looking to get it separately, tough look: it's not coming out on its own.

Finally, a PixelJunk Shooter demo makes its way to the store, as promised by Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert. The taster is to give gamers a taste of what the first game is like in order to get them pumped for the recently announced sequel.

Get the full list of what else is coming at the EU PS Blog.

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