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Epic is "paying through the nose" for Epic Game Store exclusives, says Rebellion

Rebellion Developments is quite pleased with the Epic Games Store deal it struck for Zombie Army 4: Dead War.

Speaking at Develop Brighton this week, Rebellion's Jason Kingsley said Epic Games offered the studio a nice sum to make its latest game an Epic Games Store exclusive.

While Kingsely said Rebellion typically prefers "not to do exclusives," the studio was more than willing as the price seemed right, especially with Epic "paying through the nose" to build up its online store (thanks,

"Generally I think I would prefer not to do exclusives but I understand Epic's position with it, and quite frankly they are paying through the nose to build their store," said Kingsley. "All credit to them, it's fantastic, and we'll take some of their money, thank you very much."

The studio likens Epic's exclusivity deals to those of consoles, and it's a "kick up the backside for anybody whenever a new [competitor] comes into the marketplace."

The studio wasn't expecting Epic to offer any sort of deal, because it typically goes "for super big games," but was pleased when the company came calling with an attractive deal and willingness to help support Zombie Army 4.

"Sometimes, as an independent developer, you've gotta take your chances," Kingsley said. "When something like that is offered you sort of share the risk and share the reward."

Zombie Army 4: Dead War will be released in early 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the Epic Games Store for PC. It will remain an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC for one year.

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