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EndWar's voice input inspired by Guitar Hero and Wii

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Tom Clancy's EndWar's voice-controlled antics took their cue from the "natural" input methods of Guitar Hero and Wii, Ubisoft Shanghai boss Michael de Plater has told VG247.

"We were very much inspired by other natural input methods, whether it's the guitar for Guitar Hero, or the steering wheel for driving games, or the Wii," said the exec.

"If you let people play to the natural way they would do something, then you get the dual benefits of accessibility and immersion."

Immersion was key to the voice choice the Chinese team took with the game, but ease of use was also granted by the control method.

"I think two things," said de Plater, when asked why Ubi had gone for voice activation with the game. "Firstly, accessibility. Putting you in the role of a general so you can tell your troops what to do and they do it, so obviously it gets around lots of the accessibility issues of moving to the pad, and so on.

"But also immersion as well," he said.

The game's out on November 7. The demo's up on Live now.

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