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En Masse forced to go "deeper" for TERA westernization


En Masse's detailed how it localised MMO TERA for its upcoming western release.

Speaking as part of its latest Race and Class update, the company said the localisation involved plenty more than translating languages.

"Some people hear the word 'westernization' and think, 'You mean translation,'" it reads.

"To truly westernize, though, we have to go deeper than that. Yes, there are times when funny translation mishaps drive us to change things, but as we westernize TERA, we're looking at the game as a whole and distinguishing what type of gameplay our players want and what kind of story will pull them in.

"Working with the development team, our bottom-line goal is to make sure that when you sit down to play, you feel that TERA was made for you."

The MMO will also let players play by plugging in their Xbox 360 controllers to PCs.

TERA releases in the west in mid 2011. It launched last week in South Korea.

Thanks, Massively.

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