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Tera: Rising Corsairs' Stronghold update drops July 2

En Masse Entertainment has announced a new content drop for Tera: Rising, adding a 40-player siege event.

Corsairs’ Stronghold releases on July 2, and its centrepiece is a 20 vs 20 stronghold assault. The attacking side is equipped with battle tanks, airships, cannons and siege ladders, and once one round is over the teams change sides and have another go.

The new battle is available from level 30 onwards and applies equalised equipment, putting the emphasis on tactics and teamwork rather than gear strategies,

Current players will be able to download the patch ahead of time the update also framework for upcoming features like the Alliance system and new raid dungeons.

A trailer and screens are available below. Tera recently relaunched as a free-to-play affair under the title Tera: Rising.

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