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TERA goes free-to-play in Europe as TERA: Rising

TERA is now free-to-play in Europe, En Masse and Gamefroge have announced.

Launched as TERA: Rising, the new payment model comes with a new dungeon, Crucible of Flame, and the Champions’ Skyring 3 vs 3 arena.

The Crucible of Flame pits players against monsters and bosses at various difficulty levels for ranked dominance, and a brand-new boss monster – the Cyclops is ready to be fought in the area. The dungeon also conatins mini-games.

In the Champions’ Skyring, winners of 3 vs 3 battles will be rewarded with Killing Spree Credits, which can be used to obtain special PvP equipment. Top ranked players will also receive a powerful a new skill, and a spectator mode has been added.

Payment models come in two flavors: Free Users and Veterans. Free Users are granted full access to all of the game content while Veteran status is reserved for those who purchased TERA before the free-to-play switch, therefore offering certain "advantages in terms of convenience." It is also possible to join the TERA Club which comes with a special mount, a daily selection of boosts and various scrolls, and more.

Find out more on the new payment models and download the game through here.

A launch trailer is below along with some new screens.

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