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EDF 2017 Portable new features, Pale Wing detailed

Earth Defence Force 2017 Portable is a remake of a PlayStation 3 game, but includes a number of new features, including EDF2's Pale Wing, which brings a whole new kind of gameplay to the formula.

Pale Wing is an aerial character and plays very differently from the rest of the cast, and can only be unlocked by fulfilling certain gameplay conditions, although writing on the PS Blog, D3 didn't go into detail.

Another new feature in the portable version is full-screen four player co-op; the PlayStation 3 version was local split-screen only. Co-op is supported by chat, and there's a PvP mode, too.

On top of that, EDF3's weapon set has been expanded, with over 150 options available now.

D3 publisher announced the portable title's localisation in late September. It's expected in the US northern winter.

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