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ECA downplays spat with ESA, says it’s “really needed”

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Looks like a few insulting remarks from the ESA didn’t faze ECA pres Hal Halpin one bit. Speaking with, he cleared the air between the two organizations.

"I would say that the ESA is still very viable and the association is really needed," he said. "Because of that couple of weeks of discontent between the associations I think people are under the false impression that we want to see anything bad happen to the ESA - and that is not at all the case.”

"You know,” he added, “I think a strong and vibrant ESA is really important to the sector as a whole as far as their membership going forward. They have some really big challenges ahead of them and it's a difficult time, so the show will probably be one of the things that the current membership is looking at in terms of value proposition."

Way to turn the other cheek, Hal.

Check out the full link for more ESA-related commentary from Halpin. It’s definitely worth a read.

By Nathan Grayson

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