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EB Games EXPO brings gaming to Australia this October

It's not Australia's fault that it's on the other side of the planet to, seemingly, all the cool stuff. Major games shows, conventions and expos never make it Down Under - but all that's about to change.


Local retailer EB Games has just announced the EB Games EXPO, set to be held this October on Queensland's Gold Coast. Promising to be the Antipodean equivalent to E3, it will be the "biggest gaming event" in Australian history.

The event will feature games never-before-seen (or played) in Australia, a Cosplay competition, presentations from major gaming companies (both Ubisoft and EA have already been mentioned), and - excitingly - the first Australian Finals for the World Cyber Games.

Tickets go on sale on June 2nd, and EB is offering swanky VIP passes to guarantee the best swag, priority access and even the opportunity to sit in on media interviews.

Watch on YouTube

Would you like to know more? The EB Games EXPO site is admittedly incomplete, but does offer more information as well as the usual social networking links and mailing list details.

See you there!

(Thanks, GayGamer for the link!)

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