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Earthbreakers is Command & Conquer: Renegade spiritual successor from ex-Westwood devs

Some of the developers who created the original Command & Conquer: Renegade are back with another take on the RTS/FPS hybrid.

Amongst the many classics the Command & Conquer series has produced, C&C: Renegade is sort of its bastard child. The ambitious 2002 project was built on the idea of bringing together the immediate action of first-person shooters with the tactics found in RTS.

The end result was a clunky, but nonetheless special detour for creator Westwood. Many of those same developers now work at Petroglyph, and so have now returned nearly 18 years later for another go at the concept.

Enter Earthbreakers, which Petroglyph quietly revealed late in November. Earthbreakers is a multiplayer shooter/RTS hybrid that keeps the construction element of an RTS while letting you take control of individual units in first-person. Like most RTS games, you'll be gathering resources and building different factories to unlock the different units.

The PvP-only game is coming in 2020, and Petroglyph promises two factions with their own unique units and abilities. Catch the reveal trailer below, and wishlist it on Steam to keep up with development updates.

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