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Earth Defence Force 2025 - new vehicles, mothership detailed

Earth Defence Force 2025 pits our destructive heroes against giant insects from outer space - again - but this time they have a few new machines to help them out. So do the enormous alien ants, though.

The aliens' gigantic mothership can shoot a laser capable of levelling an entire building. The EDF's only hope is to dispatch a Wing Diver to take out the cannon before it can fire.

The insect forces also have more mundane but equally huge ground vehicles like a quadruped fortress, which has a plasma cannon and drops Hectors. It can be dispatched by shooting open hatches.

On the human side, three new vehicles are available in online multiplayer mode. The Epsilon Armored Railgun transports three players and is equipped with one railgun and two turrets.

The HU04 Bruto is an armored helicopter with two player-controlled turrets plus room for the pilot, but it is at a disadvantage against ground forces as it cannot aim downwards.

Finally, the E651 Titan also services three EFD members and has two turrets in addition to the Requiem cannon.

Siliconera has a large gallery of images showing off these new vehicles.

Earth Defence Force is expected on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the US later this year; a European launch is yet to be confirmed.

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