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EA suing John Dillinger's relative for use of the name in Godfather series


EA has filed a lawsuit against a relative of 30s bank robber John Dillinger, requesting that a judge award permission to use the name Dillinger on guns included in the Godfather games.

The "Dillinger Tommy Gun" was in the original game, and "Modern Dillinger" was implemented in Godfather II.

According to court documents dug up by GamePolitics, Indiana-based Dillinger LLC, the grandson of the gangster's half-sister, has trademarked Dillinger's name and likeness, which Indiana law permits for at least 100 years after someone's death.

Back in July, a lawyer for Dillinger LLC contacted EA and accused it of "violating Dillinger's right of publicity and infringing upon its trademarks", subsequently seeking millions of dollars for use of the name.

EA is counter suing for use of the name so it can continue to develop and distribute the titles without paying out the nose.

Back in 2007, just as a matter of reference, Dillinger LLC tried to sue a hotel in Arizona for holing a "Dillinger Days" event for hotel patrons.

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