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EA doesn't plan on releasing more Godfather games


EA's games label president has told the LA Times that the Godfather franchise is finished as far as the publisher is concerned.

"We're not going to do another one," said Frank Gibeau. "The bloom is really off the rose for licensed games."

In response, the PR team at EA quickly contacted the newspaper and clarified that while there are no Godfather games on the schedule for the next three years, nothing is set in stone.

"We do not currently have a Godfather game in development," said the rep. "Nothing has been decided as to future sequels. Paramount is a great partner."

EA has handed over major licenses that were previous developed by the company including James Bond and The Lord of the Rings with Harry Potter and Jason Bourne the only ones being kept.

Godfather II has sold 241,000 units in the US since it's April release.

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