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EA shuts down servers, Online Pass games included

The moment was inevitable: EA have quietly announced a new batch of online server shut-downs - and this time around they include games which had a paid Online Pass.

The new server closures mean that online play will be impossible in this handful of titles after 13th April. The games effected include Burnout Revenge, FIFA 10, The Godfather II, MMA, Need for Speed ProStreet and The Saboteur.

Even more casual titles like EA Sports Active and EA Create are to be hit with server closures.

The most recently released game on the list is XBLA and PSN title Spare Parts. It'll have been out for just over 15 months when its online gets the chop.

BeefJack reports that some gamers are getting irate with EA closing servers for online pass titles such as EA MMA - a game that asked users who purchased the game second hand to pony up cash in order to pay online.

The game has been out for a mere 18 months, so some may have purchased the online pass to fight online recently - but closures like this are covered in the license agreement we all ignore and agree to when redeeming online passes.

More details, an official statement and a full list of titles that have had their online spiked can be found on the EA website.

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