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EA: Reviewers were punishing us for doing something new with the Godfather franchise

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Godfather II senior producer Joel Wade has told SI of his disappointment over the original's reviews, and felt the team were being punished purely on the basis they were doing something new with the hallowed franchise.

"Developing the first Godfather Game was a rewarding and satisfying process… and incredibly challenging for the whole team," he said.

"Our reviews were not as high as I would have liked in some cases - it sometimes felt like people were punishing us for doing anything new with the license - but the user-review scores on most websites were much higher, so at least the gamers who got their hands on it and actually played the game had a great time."

Full interview through the link.

Godfather 2 is released on PC, 360 and PS3 on 24 Feb.

By Mike Bowden

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