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EA Partners label still alive and well, says Gibeau

Label president Frank Gibeau has confirmed that EA Partners - which publishes third-party titles - has not closed, debunking rumours dating back to April.

"I understand why you might believe [EA Partners had closed]. I don't think the communication of that has been particularly well executed on our part," he told Polygon.

"We are absolutely open for business to partner with developers out there."

Gibeau said the mobile division has published three games that week, but that the console business is taking a little sabbatical.

"On the console front, honestly, when you're in a transition, you tend to focus in on your internal titles and put must of your attention there and most of your capital to make sure you get your studios positioned and configured for that. So we're definitely looking to do that," he said.

In fact, some of the layoffs EA issued in April were due to EA Partners winding down its priorities - not the other way round.

"We had, frankly, too much capacity inside of our EA Partners team to handle more projects than we were in position to want to have right now," Gibeau said.

"That was what was the scaling back of it was. But Partners is open for business."

EA Partners only current project is Respawn's Titanfall.

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