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EA has "several game announcements" for its 2010 Tokyo Showcase

ea tgs

Europe's gamescom is barley done and dusted, and already publishers are prepping for TGS next month.

One of these publishers is EA , which has said it's planning "several all new game reveals and announcements".

These announcements will take place at the publisher's "EA Tokyo Showcase 2010", which is kind of like its Summer Showcase, only in Japan.

It's anyone's guess what EA will show us, as it has quite a few bits in the pan at the moment, but since TGS is a more international event, we agree with Joystiq that this could be the venue where EA's "action horror" collaboration with Suda51, Grasshopper Manufacture, ex-Silent Hill producer Akira Yamaoka and Shinji Mikami is finally revealed.

We're hoping at any rate. We've been itching for more information on it since it was announced a couple years back.

Who knows what other goodies EA has in store for us. A lot of folks were disappointed over Mirror's Edge 2 not being announced during the July showcase, so Japan could be the place for a reveal.

Start performing your ancient Shinto ritual dances now, and it may just come to fruition. We're hoping for it at any rate.

We'll mail EA and see if we can get any hints on this.

TGS takes place September 16-19.

More through Joystiq.

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