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EA “formulating a policy” on used games, isn't "deaf" to consumer criticism

EA labels president Frank Gibeau has said the firm “formulating our policy” regarding used games with Xbox One.

Speaking at an investor meeting during E3, Gibeau said: "“EA has a position of looking at used games from a user standpoint and a gamer standpoint. We will definitely be looking at gamer-first and creating an opportunity to have a relationship with used games such that it’s a positive experience.”

EA has been criticized in the past by consumers regarding its stance on used games after it implemented and Online Pass - a policy which was since been cancelled but it sounds like something new will be considered - especially with Xbox One and its "check in/licensing" capabilities.

Speaking with the BBC, Gibeau said he feels some of the criticism aimed at EA is justified, while some isn't - such as being named Worst Company in America by the Consumerist voters two years running.

"That type of feedback is disappointing personally for people inside of EA because we love our company and the games that we make," Gibeau said. "We're in the business of entertaining and exciting people, and when our business policies get in the way of that and we hear this reaction and see this feedback we have to take note of it.

"We're not tone deaf. In the console business there frankly isn't much of a business for games outside of the top 20. You have to really get into the charts to make the initial investment in these games work. We're really trying to create epic products that have a chance to reach the widest possible audience."

Gibeau also cleared up the firm's stance on Wii U support.

"We didn't make it easy for the market to figure out our stance on the Wii U, that's for sure," said Gibeau. "We're not announcing any new Wii U titles at E3, but that doesn't preclude us making games for it going forward.

"Do we have developers inside Electronic Arts that are watching the Wii U but we don't have any titles for it we are ready to publicly announce right now."

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