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E3 Wednesday mega-shorts - get all the other stuff in here

E3. There's a lot of it. Here's all the bits you may or may not want to miss.

  • Nintendo's looking for people to work on its new Smash Bros. game, according to GoNintendo.
  • Joystiq's taken a picture of a Street Fighter X Tekken 'FightStick Pro' at E3. There's not a lot to add to that.
  • Torchlight II's beserker class has been revealed at E3. Gamefront has impressions and shots.
  • The Kinect hacks stop for no show - here's something called Graffiti.
  • Gamespot's got a trailer of Professor Layton and the Last Specter.
  • The Japanese PS3's getting an official keyboard, says Engadget.
  • GSW's got a piece on some weird indie Vita thing called Mr. Ink Jet.
  • Telltale Games has closed a $7 million round of Series C funding, says GamePolitics.
  • Mortal Kombat's first DLC pack is out now, according to Destructoid.
  • Deep Silver wants Dead Island to be successful in the US. Who knew? Gama did.
  • King Arthur II has an E3 trailer. It's on Blue.
  • Wii's Vitality Sensor development is ongoing, according to Mr Miyamoto. More on Kotaku.
  • "Here's your scannable Hydreigon for the Pokedex 3D," says Joystiq. This is a statement of fact.
  • Gamespot's got some White Knight Chronicles II screens.
  • Kotaku's got some Mario Party 9 shots.
  • There are some screens and a video of 2D fighter Skullgirls on Destructoid.
  • Shinobido 2 for Vita exists. Destructoid can tell you about that.
  • EVE Online's walking-in-stations update will release in about two weeks. More on Massively.
  • THQ's to release something called Disney Animator for uDraw next March. Gamespot has that.
  • Konami is publishing Puddle for PSN and XBLA later this year, says Destructoid.
  • SteelSeries is making a series of Valve-branded accessories, according to Kotaku.
  • Gamespot's got some New Super Mario Bros. Mii screens.
  • GoNintendo's got E3 trailers of Luigi's Mansion 2, Animal Crossing, Super Mario 3DS, Kid Icarus, Mario Kart, Picture Live, Rolling Western, Ocarina, Paper Mario and Starfox.
  • A Dungeon Siege III demo's been released for PC. Check Shacknews for that.
  • Blazblue Continuum Shift 2 might be a Vita launch game, according to Joystiq.
  • Joystiq's got comparison shots of Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.
  • Nintendo has a Facebook page, according to GoNintendo. Keeping up with the times, there.
  • An American called Brian Heitkotter has won the latest GT Academy, according to GTPlanet. Thanks, mathare92.
  • DC Universe Online wasn't left out of the E3 trailer race. Massively saw to that.
  • JustinTV's launched TwitchTV, a site dedicated to videos of the best games players. Destructoid has more detail.
  • Devil Survivor 2's coming out next year, reports Gamespot.

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