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E3 2013: VG247 Video Diary - Part One: an idiot abroad

VG247 is at E3 2013 this year. Pat has landed in Los Angeles, or so he has told me, and so has Sam Clay - as you can see in the video below.

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Watch as Sam packs, talks about things, shows off a very posh seat on Virgin Atlantic, and gives you a quick look at his hotel's swimming pool.

The boys are off in the land of sun and fun while I slave away in gloomy, rainy Kentucky on a half dead keyboard; Dave types his fingers to the bone in foggy Scotland, and Brenna - well she is in Australia so it's always lovely there - even in winter, or so I've heard.

Also, the "idiot abroad" bit came from Sam - not me, so I am not really taking the p**s. Then again, maybe I am. I do love that show though.

Anyway, enjoy.

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