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Dynasty Warriors 7 weapon switching and Chronicle mode detailed

Dynasty Warriors 7 producer Akihiro Suzuki has explained the game's controversial weapons switching, and detailed the new Chronicle mode, which is unlike anything the series has seen before.

Speaking to Destructoid, Suzuki put to rest the worry that changing weapons would rob the vast Dynasty Warriors cast of its uniqueness.

"Each character will have unique moves for their proper weapons," he said. "If characters equip that weapon, they will be able to execute an EX Attack with it. Characters will also have two unique Musou Attacks for their proper weapon giving them more of a personality rather than having generic characters that can use any weapon.

"Alongside this we have also personalized each weapon in the sense that each weapon will have different effects with their switch-weapon attacks."

In a second answers session, Suzuki admitted that Chronicle mode provides a haven for fan-favourite characters whose role in the main game has been sidelined by a new focus on adherence to established canon.

"The reason we have delegated the Other forces is that in the Story Mode of Dynasty Warriors 7 we are aiming more for an accurate interpretation of the actual history and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms source material," he said.

"As the Other forces do not fit into the story accurately we have given them more focus in the [Chronicle] Mode."

Suzuki commented that Chronicle mode is not a strategic game like the Empires expansions.

"The way it works is that stages are made up of different areas which contain cities and battles," he explained. "If you clear these more stages will open up and you will be able to access more nearby battles and cities. ... It delivers a slightly different gameplay experience in the sense that you have an option to freely choose the way your territory expands rather than making your own story."

Dynasty Warriors 7 arrives on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on March 10 in Japan, March 22 in the US, and March 25 in the UK.

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