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Dynasty Warriors 7 post-launch DLC plans


Dynasty Warriors 7, a game about pressing buttons repeatedly and looking at outrageous costumes, will benefit from both free and premium post-launch DLC. Guess what's in it? Not buttons.

KOEI Warriors reports that the first pack to release will be free, and contain all costumes from Dynasty Warriors 7.

Later releases will include costumes, weapons, costumes, costumes, and hopefully more costumes, but also, for the first time in the core series, whole new stages.

Japanese buyers will get a few little DLC bonuses on release; day one purchasers will receive a Zhao Yun costume from the original Dynasty Warriors (hopefully spruced up a little), and GEO preorders can nab Lu Bu's outfit from the same title.

Dynasty Warriors 7 hits Europe on March 25, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Thanks, D'Toid.

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