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Dungeon Defenders Mac and Eternia Shards expansion land March 15

The second Quest for the Lost Eternia Shards DLC will be available on Steam March 15, according to Trendy Entertainment, as well the Mac version of the core title, which was noted as a slight delay by Joystiq.

According to a blog post on the expansion, the Eternia Shards DLC will contain new weapons, a new campaign level, a new mission, a new enemy which will be introduced across the board in Nightmare mode, new cinematics and a new boss called the Genie King.

According to the developers, he rules the "arid land alongside his faithful djinns, using any one of his powerful attacks to keep strangers out." The blog post also said to beware of his pesky minions and his lamps.

The firm said it's awaiting word from Microsoft regrading the console patch and the DLC.

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