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Driveclub free & paid DLC coming post-launch, PS Plus version unchanged by delay

Driveclub game director Paul Rustchynsky has confirmed to VG247 that the planned free version of Evolution Studios' PS4 racer is still on the cards and was not affected by the game's delay. He's also told us to expect a steady stream of free and paid DLC after launch.


It comes from our new Driveclub interview, in which we discuss the nature of the game's delay, new changes and social features.

Speaking with us earlier this week, Rustchynsky said that the PS Plus version is fine and dandy, explaining, "No that's still the same as it ever was. We always wanted to create a PlayStation Plus edition to allow players who aren't necessarily into racing games to try out the experience and also add the numbers to our social network, because a social network isn't a network unless you've got tens maybe hundreds of thousands of people playing.

"We wanted to make sure we could have a vast number of people playing the game on day one, to allow people to create connections between one another, form clubs, send challenges and so on.

"The PlayStation Plus edition is still the same. You'll have full multiplayer access, be able to send challenges, create clubs – the only thin you're going to be limited on is content, so that's cars and tracks. But if you want the full experience, obviously Blu-Ray is the way to go where you get everything included."

On the possibility of consistent free and paid post-launch DLC content, Rustchynsky added, "I definitely, definitely would say that we are going to have new and free content post-release.

"It's something we want to keep the Driveclub community active with, so month-on-month you'll see new cars and new tracks added to the experience, so whether you're a Blu-Ray player of PlayStation Plus edition player, you'll be able to continue the experience. But there will of course be additional paid-for content as well, which will be release afterwards."

Driveclub will launch on PS4 on October 7 in North America, October 8 across Europe, and October 11 in the UK.

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