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Dragon's Dogma quest is a 2D Vita exclusive

After yesterday's Xbox One E3 list you might be expecting to hear about a next-gen entry in Capcom's RPG series, but all the Internet offers today is a free-to-play Vita exclusive 2D affair called Dragon's Dogma Quest.

Dragon's Dogma Quest arrives on Vita in Japan in Northern autumn, according to Siliconera's translation of a Famitsu leak.

It's an online-only game, and described a fast-paced and perfect for on-the-go fun. As well as battling, there are dungeons to explore, towns and villages to visit, and loads of side quests to compete.

That said, there are 150 jobs, and players oversee battles, command troops, and level up, making it all a bit more strategic. In the spirit of the core game, you'll be able to guess at weaknesses based on an enemy's appearance.

Also like the core game, you bring a pawn with you on your adventures, and can team up with up to three friends for a maximum of right characters in a party.

The free-to-play affair will have microtransaction options of some kind which will assist the cash-rich but time-poor.

There are no images as yet; expect some assets if this gets a western launch. In the meantime enjoy the above promo image from last year's release.

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