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Dragon's Crown PS3 & Vita trophies appear, get the full list here

Dragon's Crown developer Vanillaware is gearing up to launch its fantasy brawler on PS3 and Vita tomorrow in Japan, and August 6 in North America. The game's full trophy list has appeared online ahead of launch. Get it here.

Thanks to PS3 Trophies for the list.

Dragon's Crown - Platinum
Earn all trophies!

Fantastic Fighter - Bronze
Complete the game as a Fighter.

Amazing Amazon - Bronze
Complete the game as an Amazon.

Dazzling Dwarf - Bronze
Complete the game as a Dwarf.

Epic Elf - Bronze
Complete the game as an Elf.

Wondrous Wizard - Bronze
Complete the game as a Wizard.

Scintillating Sorceress - Bronze
Complete the game as a Sorceress.

Novice Art Collector - Bronze
Obtain 1 piece of Treasure Art.

Dabbling Collector - Bronze
Obtain 5 pieces of Treasure Art.

Amateur Collector - Bronze
Obtain 10 pieces of Treasure Art.

Art Lover - Bronze
Obtain 15 pieces of Treasure Art.

Art Connoisseur - Bronze
Obtain 20 pieces of Treasure Art.

Amateur Curator - Bronze
Obtain 25 pieces of Treasure Art.

Art Fiend - Bronze
Obtain 30 pieces of Treasure Art.

Art Hunter - Bronze
Obtain 35 pieces of Treasure Art.

Art Expert - Bronze
Obtain 40 pieces of Treasure Art.

Renowned Art Expert - Bronze
Obtain 45 pieces of Treasure Art.

Gallery Owner - Bronze
Obtain 50 pieces of Treasure Art.

Museum Owner - Gold
Fill the entire Treasure Art gallery.

Secret Trophies

The Adventure Begins... - Bronze
Complete your first mission.

The Stolen Scepter - Bronze
Retrieve the royal scepter.

Lucain's Bones - Bronze
Obtain the bones of the magician Lucain.

Subterranean Subterfuge - Bronze
Successfully gather intel from Bilbaron Fortress.

Disappearing Damsels - Bronze
Unravel the mystery behind the missing village girls.

Royal Orb - Bronze
Retrieve the royal orb.

Purify the Sanctuary - Bronze
Replace the holy seal.

Rune Stones - Bronze
Acquire the rune stones.

Draconic Dissertations - Bronze
Acquire research on the Ancient Dragon.

Talisman - Bronze
Obtain a talisman.

Talismaster - Bronze
Obtain all the talismans.

Hardcore Hero - Silver
Conquer the game on Hard difficulty.

Blazing Hero - Gold
Conquer the game on Infernal difficulty.

Vanquisher - Bold
Defeat the Ancient Dragon within 2 minutes on Normal.

Conqueror - Silver
Defeat the Ancient Dragon within 3 minutes on Hard.

The Destroyer - Silver
Defeat the Ancient Dragon within 4 minutes on Infernal.

Order to Chaos - Gold
Defeat the Demon Lord in the Labyrinth of Chaos.

Crime and Punishment - Bronze
You were thrown in jail 10 times. Poor impulse control leads to multiple incarcerations.

Oniomaniac - Bronze
Buy all the items in the store.

Unsullied - Bronze
Clear a round without taking damage.

Insatiable Adventurer - Bronze
Clear all 9 rounds in the Labyrinth without returning to town.

Savior - Bronze
Purchase a Life Point for a dead companion.

Merciful Fossor - Bronze
Bury 100 sets of bones.

Devout Follower - Bronze
Offer 100,000 gold to the goddess.

King of the Colosseum - Bronze
Be the champion of the colosseum ten times.

Three-star Chef - Bronze
Score over 50,000 points during camp.

Gourmand - Silver
Eat all the different food that can be made at camp.

Paragon - Silver
Reach level 99.

Legendary Strike - Silver
Deal over 100,000 damage in one strike.

Best of the Best - Silver
Earn over 5,000,000 points in one adventure.

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