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Dragon's Crown coming to Europe via NIS America

Dragon's Crown has finally been confirmed for European launch.

NIS America, which despite its name is a keen provider of games to hungry Europeans, has signed on to deliver Vanillaware's latest, according to Eurogamer.

The PlayStation 3 and Vita title hits North America on August 6 via Atlus, but has not been dated for Europe beyond northern autumn.

A European release started to look extremely likely when the RPG was rated in Australia; publishers rarely rate a game that isn't certain to be released, and it's very unusual for a game to release in Australia but not other PAL territories.

It's good news for European fans, especially as drama at Atlus's parent company did put doubt over the long-awaited 2D hack-and-slash, but the company has said its business as usual.

When first announced, Dragon's Crown was to be published by Ignition, but the company went right off games publishing. Atlus took over, but it turned out the project was much weightier than initially expected.

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