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Atlus "unaffected by the Index Corporation proceedings"

Atlus USA has said financial drama at its parent company Index Corporation isn't having any effect on its day to day business, with upcoming releases still on track.

"Currently, Index Digital Media, Inc. and the Atlus brand are unaffected by the Index Corporation proceedings in Japan," a representative said in a statement published on Kotaku.

"We’re carrying on day-to-day activities, business as usual. Shin Megami Tensei 4 and Dragon’s Crown are still releasing on July 16 and August 6 respectively, and we’re licensing and publishing third-party titles such as R.I.P.D: The Game and Daylight. We want to thank all of our fans for their outpouring of support."

Index Corporation is in all sorts of difficulties lately; it's also being investigated for fraud.

Atlus tends to keep its schedule fairly close to the chest until it has release dates locked down, so we don't know how many future releases may be at risk should Index Corp go pear-shaped after all.

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