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Dragon Age: "There is a console future for the franchise"

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BioWare boss Greg Zeschuk has given a cast iron indication that upcoming PC RPG Dragon Age is coming to consoles in some shape or form. Like, he says so.

"Any time we undertake something we have a goal of creating franchises," he said, speaking to MTV. "PC for now is what we’re focusing on, but there is a console future for the franchise.

"We haven’t really talked about what that’s going to be, but one thing we’re focused on, as folks probably have seen in regards to Mass Effect on the PC, is whenever we do a platform choice, we’re very definitive and very specific. We don’t splash it across all the platforms. Like in the case with Mass PC we worked really hard to make it even better than the console version. The PC gives us more tools to do that with. That's the approach we’re taking with Dragon Age and other games at BioWare."

More through the link.

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