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Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening released for Mac


Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening has been released for Mac, thanks to TransGaming.

This should make Apple fans happy.

"The Dragon Age franchise has been exceptionally well received by Mac gamers and we’re excited about continuing the saga through the release of this expansion pack and all DLC add-on game content for the Mac community”, said Vikas Gupta, president and CEO of TransGaming.

"Our strategic partnership with BioWare provides Mac gamers with some of the industry’s most acclaimed RPG games and illustrates yet another example of how TransGaming’s technology and distribution channels are empowering EA to bring their best games to the broadest consumer audience."

Return to Ostagar, Darkspawn Chronicles, and Leliana’s Song are also available, just in case you didn't know already.

Awakening is available through TransGaming's online digital outlet GameTreeOnline.

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