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Dragon Age: Bioware striving for same experience for PC and consoles

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Speaking with Eurogamer Germany, Dragon Age: Origins lead game designer, Brent Knowles, said that the console versions of Bioware's next RPG will have same "feature set of the PC experience."

"We want to assure you that on the consoles, the game has the whole feature set of the PC experience, because it's a classical western RPG," said Knowles [translated].

"My first experiences with the console prototype has shown, that we have to put some work in the interface but the main features work pretty well.

"I even sometimes play the PC build with the Xbox 360 controller, what makes a lot of fun," he added.

Dragon Age will be no typical console RPG, but we hope to get the same quality experience as on the PC. We want to tailor the perfectly game to the consoles and we are aware, that the interface and the controls are a important factor."

Full interview through the link, if your German's up to it of course.

By Mike Bowden

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