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Doom Eternal will answer a few questions about the Doom Marine

It's no secret that id Software is placing a bigger emphasis on story in Doom Eternal.

That much has been clear since the moment Doom Eternal was first unveiled last year, and though the game's E3 showing didn't leave a lot of room for narrative, id Software is slowly starting to reveal a different side of the shooter.

In particular, the game's main protagonist - the Doom Marine - has been its most mysterious. The 2016 reboot left us with many questions, and the story didn't even address whether he's the same Doom Guy from the original games, or an entirely new character.

These questions and many others will be answered in Doom Eternal, id promises. Speaking to Game Informer, creative director Hugo Martin said the game will solve some of these mysteries but ask even more questions.

"Well, one thing we're going to do is we're going to answer the question about whether or not it's the same guy from the 1993 Doom, we're gonna answer a lot of questions, actually," said Martin.

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"I mean, there's so many good mysteries in Doom universe and we need to answer good questions, and then ask new good ones. But to be clear, we won't answer it all outright."

Not all of the information will be fed directly to players, however, as Martin stressed that you'll still need to figure out some elements by digging through the lore.

"I think that Doom's formula for how we flesh that stuff out is, usually it'll require some player investment to piece those puzzle pieces together, and we want to give the ability to do that."

Doom Eternal is out November 22 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

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