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Donkey Kong Country Returns HD set to launch January 16, 2025

Shown off during the Nintendo Direct, Donkey Kong Returns... returns! Coming to the Switch.

Donkey Kong Returns HD image from trailer
Image credit: Nintendo

Donkey Kong Returns...returns! Shown off during the Nintendo Direct a few minutes ago, Donkey Kong Returns HD has just been announced, bringing the beloved 2D paltformer to the Nintendo Switch with a new coat of paint. The game is set to launch on January 16, 2025.

You can watch the trailer yourself down below, which shows many of the classic stages and setpieces from the original game in quick succession. If you've not seen or played a Donkey Kong game before, it does a godo job of establishing what the whole deal is about.

This is an especially exciting HD re-release as the original Donkey Kong Returns has been largely trapped on the Nintendo Wii since its release. As such, it coming to modern platforms is sweet news for those eager to try out its 80-ish levels, or hop in with a friend with the game's two-player co-op.

Let us know if you'll be picking this one up in the comments below! What was your highlight from the Nintendo Direct?

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