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Watch The Division 2's new minigun-toting Gunner specialisation in action

The Division 2’s fourth endgame specialisation, the Gunner, is now stomping around on the PTS with a minigun. And YouTubers have captured it in action, as YouTubers do.

Arekkz Gaming’s video goes into depth on the Gunner, its weapon, and how the specialisation is unlocked.

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You’ll need to complete special field research missions, which are each made up of a few specific objectives - like using only marksman rifles to complete public execution activities.

Once you’ve done those, you’ll get access to the minigun and its skill tree. Unless you have the season pass, in which case specialisations are automatically unlocked.

The skill tree includes items like the Banshee, which launches a forward arc of pulse energy that ignores cover and confuses enemies caught in its wave. And there’s a fun tank-like quality to the minigun, which leaves you looking more like a Division boss than one of its players.

A recent Division 2 patch stopped NPCs being overly aggressive. That’s the job of Division agents.

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