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Dishonored has 40,000 words of text, 90,000 of dialogue

Did you read all the books in Dishonored? I admit I may have skimmed a few, but in my defence, a report on PC Gamer suggests there are 40,000 words of text in Dishonored, which is a reasonable novel's length. I did listen to a lot of dialogue though, and probably so did you, as it has almost 90,000 words of voice work. Arkane drew inspiration from a diverse range of sources for the immersive sim's colourful writing, including authors such as Herman Melville, Mervyn Peake, Thomas Burke, Charles Dickens, H. P. Lovecraft, Michael Moorcock and Neil Gaiman; movies like Gangs of New York, Perfume and Anonymous; and music such as The Decemberists, Picaresque and Her Majesty. Also, you can set people on fire; still one of my favourite games.

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